XEN Gel Stent

An advanced, less invasive way to treat glaucoma

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A new, advanced procedure for the treatment of glaucoma

The XEN Gel Stent is a simple and effective device that can slow or stop the progression of glaucoma by lowering the pressure in your eye

What is the XEN Gel Stent?

The XEN Gel Stent is a new way to treat glaucoma. It is a very small tube made of soft gelatine material. The implant is as thin as a strand of human hair.

How does it work?

The XEN is placed in your eye to make a new permanent pathway to reduce the amount of fluid in your eye. This helps preserve your vision by reducing the pressure in your eye to a safe level. 

Is XEN right for me?

There are many ways to treat glaucoma, such as eye drops, laser, or surgery. Make an appointment with Dr Kerr to see what is the best option for treating your glaucoma.

The XEN Gel Stent is designed to treat glaucoma where eye drops have failed to lower eye pressure sufficiently

Picture of Dr Nathan Kerr
Dr Nathan Kerr
Glaucoma Surgeon

XEN Gel Stent

  • Lowers eye pressure
  • Less invasive
  • Faster recovery
  • Designed to be safer
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NOTE Not everyone with glaucoma is suitable for minimally invasive glaucoma surgery. Any surgical procedure carries risks. Make an appointment with Dr Kerr to discuss the full risks and benefits based on your eye condition.

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